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1st Place. UltraConnect

By: Supreme Organic Labs

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  • Price
  • Best Formula
  • Best Sleep
  • ​Smallest Serving Size
  • ​Weight Loss Results
  • ​Mind Results (TIE)

The Bottom Line

UltraTox was the "original" leptin balance and ultra support supplement and it ranks number one on our list for several reasons. The most notable of which is it simply over delivered in every area imaginable when compared to the other two products in this comparison.   

The formula of UltraTox is the real key. Not just because of its natural ingredients, but because of its " proprietary method" for compacting the ingredients in a way that allows for much more to fit inside each capsule. The end result is - you only need to take ONE capsule instead of two (Leptitox) and you actually get more ingredients... yes we actually weighed them. 

Our columnist Amy, gave UltraTox a full go while working from home during the Pandemic and was able to lose 16.5 pounds in under two weeks! Amy has never been big on products with a lot of hype around them, so that makes her words on UltraTox that much more impressive "... I have to admit, I never thought in a million years that some good nutrition and something as weird as LEPTINS - could have these type of results." Although Amy doesn't write for our nutrition section, we plan on posting her story along with pictures here as soon as we can.