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Can a "Deep Sleep" Really Help You Lose Weight?
*spoiler: the answer is an outstanding yes for the product that won this comparison and our columnist Amy plans on posting pictures and details soon - she lost 16.5 pounds!

Leading experts agree the most effective health solution (for your mind and body) starts in your sleep. 

Deep sleep has become a new sensation of discussion in the scientific field and its news has spread across social media and other outlets... and rightfully so. To imagine getting thinner, smarter, or better in any way while you sleep sounds like a "dream come true" but how far fetched is it?

Well a couple reputable companies have spent the time and money developing supplements that have gained a lot of traction in this area, and we decided to put them to the test so you don't have to.

We compared the top 3 products designed for deep sleep and high body function (including metabolic increase aka losing weight). After comparing these products in-depth for 6 weeks - we have listed the pros, the cons, and where to find the find the best price online. 

1st Place. UltraSurge

By: Supreme Organic Labs


  • Price
  • Best Formula
  • Best Sleep
  • ​Smallest Serving Size
  • ​Weight Loss Results
  • ​Mind Results (TIE)

The Bottom Line

UltraSurge was the "original" deep-sleep and ultra support supplement and it ranks number one on our list for several reasons. The most notable of which is it simply over delivered in every area imaginable when compared to the other two products in this comparison.   

The formula of UltraSurge is the real key. Not just because of its natural ingredients, but because of its " proprietary method" for compacting the ingredients in a way that allows for much more to fit inside each capsule. The end result is - you only need to take ONE capsule instead of four (ReSurge). 

Our columnist Amy, gave UltraSurge a full go while working from home during the Pandemic and was able to lose 16.5 pounds in under two weeks! Amy has never been big on products with a lot of hype around them, so that makes her words on UltraSurge that much more impressive "... I have to admit, I never thought in a million years that some good nutrition and something as simple as SLEEP - could have these type of results." Although Amy doesn't write for our nutrition section, we plan on posting her story along with pictures here as soon as we can.


  • Sold Out Often
  • Not in Retail Stores
Now, back to the formula... At first, we were skeptical with the low dosage compared to the other products, but the results eventually spoke for themselves. When you combine this with the fact that UltraSurge is much less expensive it made this comparison an easy one. We also have a coupon link to the manufacturers direct website for a discounted bottle, but we can't guarantee that it's still working (please do not email us if the link is dead, we have no control over the promotion).

*Results are based on our system and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.
* This Flash Sale Promotional link was active as of {{LL}}. We can't guarantee it's still working. If for any reason it isn't please do not email us as we have no control over the Company's promotions.

2nd Place. Resurge

By: Resurge


  • Good Formula
  • Great Sleep
  • ​Customer Support
  • Mind Results (TIE)

The Bottom Line

ReSurge is the newcomer to the space, and it performed ok. For the most part it seems the team tried to come as close as possible to achieving the UltraSurge formula (the similarities are uncanny) but the obvious disadvantage is that you have to take 4 capsules to get there due to the product apparently not being as highly concentrated.


  • Expensive
  • ​4 Capsule Serving
  • No Weight Loss
As far as the results go, the sleep was very comparable. It was when it came to feeling leaner and the weight loss results where the effects just never seemed to shine like it did with UltraSurge. This is also a note that the marketing people at ReSurge seemed to focus heavily on so it was a little disappointing that it didn't deliver as well.

Overall ReSurge is a good product for achieving deep sleep, and worth trying if UltraSurge is sold out or if you want to do your own comparison. We found a discounted link that we have included below.

*Results are based on our system and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.

3rd Place. SleepOne 

By: 1NutraOne


  • Good Packaging
  • Small Serving Size
  • ​Available on Amazon

The Bottom Line

Sleep One comes in at number three on our list for a few different reasons. Overall it really just doesn't stack up to the other two products compared. It seems like this product was originally designed as more of a simple "sleep aid" which it might work well as, but it falls terribly short when trying to achieve anything more.


  • Bad Ingredients
  • Non Effective
  • ​Expensive
Purchasing on Amazon is always a plus, but unless you are looking for just minor help with going to sleep at night, you should stay away from Sleep One. As pretty as the bottle looks - it seems like that is where the company behind it focused most of its time on... the looks and marketing. We were unable to find a discounted price for this product but it is readily available on Amazon which makes it convenient to purchase for just about anyone.

*Results are based on our system and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.
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