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2nd Place. Total Restore

By: GundryMD


  • Dr. Formula
  • Customer Support
  • Okay Taste

The Bottom Line

With Dr. Gundry Total Restore product it claims to improve the lining of your gut health thus improving overall gut health! After reviewing the product the ingredients look to have all necessary components needed to provide overall gut health. The downside is the price. This is why it sits as our #2 choice. 

Dr. Gundry is a reputable doctor, with several good products. After further review we noticed several negative reviews online which throw up some concern. 


  • High Cost
  • Small Bottle Size
  • ​Has Strange Texture

With the several negative reviews the higher price point of Total Restore we feel its not a desirable product. But if you are a fan of Dr. Gundry this product might be right for you.

In addition to the much higher price tag Dr. Gundry is charging, it also has a larger serving size to essential gain the same result as our number one pick. In my opinion these 2 things need to be improved in order for us to consider this is as our top ranked product.

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