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1st Place. Vunderfull

By: Supreme Organic Labs

2nd Place. Nutrafol

By: Nutrafol


  • ​Good Formula  (on product label - not in actual capsule)
  • ​Good Packaging
  • Good Custom Support


  •  Expensive
  • ​2 Capsule Serving
  • ​Non Effective


  • Good Formula (on product label - not in actual capsule)
  • ​Good Product Design
  • Good Custom Support

The Bottom Line

Nutrafol is the newcomer to the space, and it performed ok but had many noticeable problems that raised a red flag. For the most part it seems the team tried to come as close as possible to achieving the Vonderful formula (the similarities are uncanny) but the obvious disadvantage is that you have to take 4 capsules to get there due to the product apparently not being as highly concentrated. We opened 8 capsules and the majority of the product seemed exactly like Ashwagandha (one of the ingredients listed)...

We emptied the capsules on a table next to 100% Ashwagandha Powder - and NONE of our staff could tell the difference... they even tasted identical!


  • Very Expensive
  • ​4 Capsule Serving
  • ​Appeared to be Only Ashwagandha Powder
  • ​The "Copycat"
  • Non Effective
The company seems to be practicing sophisticated marketing tactics, and while their sales video and product packaging can seem convincing; the product just doesn't deliver.

Overall Nutrafol is like 99% of other products on the market that claim to help in this area unfortunately, packed with good stories and marketing material, but the best part of the product is actually the pretty bottle and marketing material itself. 

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