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2nd Place. LeptoConnect

By: LeptoConnect


  • Good Formula
  • Good Packaging
  • ​Customer Support

The Bottom Line

LeptoConnect comes in at number three on our list for a few different reasons. Overall it really just doesn't stack up to the other two products compared. It seems like this product was originally designed as more of a simple "general health" which it might work well as, but it falls terribly short when trying to achieve anything more.


  • Expensive
  • ​2 Capsule Serving
  • Non Effective
  • ​​The "CopyCat"
  • ​Odd Formula
Purchasing on Amazon is always a plus, but unless you are looking for some general health product with good (but overpriced) ingedients, you should stay away from LeptoConnect. As pretty as the bottle looks - it seems like that is where the company behind it focused most of its time on... the looks and marketing. We were unable to find a discounted price for this product but it is readily available online and they seem to be copying the same marketing promotion of Leptitox and throwing in a generic bottle of colon cleanse (they don't disclose the ingredients in this one) if you purchase three or more bottles.

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